Unexpected Guests


At 2:43 am I was awoken by the sound of whirring wings.  Once you’ve had a bat in the house you never forget that sound.  What really blew my mind is there were two!  That is a first in the 20 years we have lived here.  Usually every year there is one or two bats but two at once?  Well that is a first.

This is why I keep my bedroom door opened just enough to let the cat in and out.  And she can squeeze through a small crack in the doorway.  From now on it will be closed.  I don’t mind bats, just not whizzing above my head and crashing into walls.  They have a tendency to try and hang on in a corner then fall.  Of course right on my head!  So no.  No bats allowed!

Fortunately these two were smart and figured out that the window was open.  I could hear them buzzing between the screen and window glass as they climbed up looking for a way out.  I just closed the window and trapped them inside.

Above is how they look right now.  Earlier I took the screen out of the bottom so they can escape tonight when they are ready.  Like I said, I like bats but bats belong outside.

Perhaps they think I am their leader as this is what my nightshirt says…