Painted Turtle

Painted Turtle WatercolorYesterdays little turtle made a big impact on me.  Turtles have always been important to humans.  Just look at all the art created based on turtles.  There are stories of the turtle, her endurance, her slow and steady pace, her long lived life, the thirteen moons on her back, Turtle Island.

When did we decide she was just something to hit on the road?

What does this say about humanity?  Do we truly think we are more important and superior to her?  Does she not have her own life and destiny?  Are we so rushed for time we cannot stop to help another?  That goes for humans too.

Perhaps that turtle in the road is trying to tell us something.  To slow down.  To savor the moment.  To appreciate small things.  I’m sure it isn’t “run me over.”


One Painted Life


I came across this little girl on my way home today.  She was laying flipped upside down in the center of a highway.  I passed her and knew I had to go back to see if she was alive or not.  It took two turns due to a car or truck but I did get her picked up.  She was alive and well, just scared.

I drove her a short distance to the parking of the ATV trail that goes into the forest.  I have no idea which direction she had been heading.  I doubt it was east or west as that is the direction the road runs.  I hope I guessed correctly.  She was full of water so I am guessing she came from the south side heading north.

After I left her I passed another certainly deceased Painted turtle.  That drives me absolutely mad!  Our highways are not so busy here that one cannot pay attention to what is on the road.  So either people are not paying attention or they are purposely hitting them.  My coworker said she saw tracks going off on another road to purposely run over a turtle laying her eggs.  People are really pathetic.

Today Around the Yard

Some of what is going on in my yard.
Some of what is going on in my yard.

It is Memorial Day in the USA today and we were blessed to get a wonderfully sunny calm 80F degree day. It is a little warm for me as I am not adjusted to the heat yet but I don’t think too many people are complaining, including myself.

I won’t be putting in my usual garden this year due to disagreements with my husband. But I did clean out two of my small raised beds for the tomato plants I ordered. The other is an herb bed. I’d like one with just lettuces etc. as buying it from the store is really expensive. I eat at least $10 a week in lettuce! I don’t know how I will manage that though.

I planted some flowers I bought just to spruce up this place. I am hoping the petunia in my broken old Grandma Willow will do better this year. I put in a metal container that I punched four holes into the bottom and pounded it into the hole in the tree. So hopefully that will contain things better than the bag did last year.

My wild geraniums are blooming wonderfully behind the house and I see I have some escapees under the pine trees. I was so happy to see the Sweet Woodruff taking over under there! I had a heck of a time getting it started as the chickens kept digging them up! But someone made it. It is everywhere!

I also have bleeding hearts running amok but that is ok.  The more the merrier!

As you can also see I came across several little squawkers in the grass! This is a Grackle baby, one of three at least. I am not a fan of Grackles, they like to poop everything up and force me to pull down my bird feeders. But once the babies start flying they leave.

This morning I rescued a baby Robin who happened to end up in my wheelbarrow full of rain (we have had 3″ rain the past three days!). I saw it from the window splashing around and thought perhaps it was bathing until I realized it probably was stuck! Sure enough, poor little dear! I carefully pulled him out and put him on the ground so he could dry off. He quickly disappeared.

A New Blog

When I was young my grandmother or her cohorts or someone called me Chrissy.  Somewhere along the line that stopped.  Years later, when I was working in a larger office a co-worker started calling me “Crispy”.  One day she asked me if I minded and I said no.  I didn’t think on it much except it is the first real nickname I’ve ever been given.  I like it.

When reading about creating a blog, “brand” (doesn’t that sound odd?) came up.  I never thought of my words as being a brand but once I thought about it I realized they are mine.  Not blogger’s, not wordpress’s, mine.  To fit the purpose of the blog I knew I was the type to be all over the place with my subjects.   After researching how to name a blog I thought  if I just name it “A Chrispy Life” it can include everything!  Genius!

For now I am keeping this to myself but we’ll see where it goes.  I have a year to figure it out since that is how much hosting I purchased.  So we shall see.

Welcome aboard!