There are a lot of changes happening.  The hardest is the loss of my friend to leukemia.  After 8 months she succumbed.  I cannot believe such a vibrant person is gone, just like that.  Her celebration of life will be on her birthday in August.

In 10 days I will be on my first overseas trip.  My biggest worry are my feet and legs.  I have purchased how many pair of shoes for this trip to find the one pair that will cut it.  So far I may have a winner that will lessen the pain.

Then the biggest and longest range change is I bought a puppy.  Not just any puppy but a Blue Heeler puppy.  It has been almost three years since I lost my beloved Australian Shepherd and I said no more dogs.  But last January a customer asked if I’d be interested in a pup.  I know his dogs and they are super nice, well rounded and love people so I said keep me on the list.  Well last Saturday he brought me out a puppy and it was instant love.  So after work I went back, played with the puppies and picked mine out.  I have named him Zip (he was already named back in January) and after my trip he will be coming home and my life will never be the same.

A dog is a 15 yr. commitment and I will be 70 when it is time for Zip to go.  I hope we both live that long…

Zip at 5 weeks
Zip at 5 Weeks