Today Around the Yard

Some of what is going on in my yard.
Some of what is going on in my yard.

It is Memorial Day in the USA today and we were blessed to get a wonderfully sunny calm 80F degree day. It is a little warm for me as I am not adjusted to the heat yet but I don’t think too many people are complaining, including myself.

I won’t be putting in my usual garden this year due to disagreements with my husband. But I did clean out two of my small raised beds for the tomato plants I ordered. The other is an herb bed. I’d like one with just lettuces etc. as buying it from the store is really expensive. I eat at least $10 a week in lettuce! I don’t know how I will manage that though.

I planted some flowers I bought just to spruce up this place. I am hoping the petunia in my broken old Grandma Willow will do better this year. I put in a metal container that I punched four holes into the bottom and pounded it into the hole in the tree. So hopefully that will contain things better than the bag did last year.

My wild geraniums are blooming wonderfully behind the house and I see I have some escapees under the pine trees. I was so happy to see the Sweet Woodruff taking over under there! I had a heck of a time getting it started as the chickens kept digging them up! But someone made it. It is everywhere!

I also have bleeding hearts running amok but that is ok.  The more the merrier!

As you can also see I came across several little squawkers in the grass! This is a Grackle baby, one of three at least. I am not a fan of Grackles, they like to poop everything up and force me to pull down my bird feeders. But once the babies start flying they leave.

This morning I rescued a baby Robin who happened to end up in my wheelbarrow full of rain (we have had 3″ rain the past three days!). I saw it from the window splashing around and thought perhaps it was bathing until I realized it probably was stuck! Sure enough, poor little dear! I carefully pulled him out and put him on the ground so he could dry off. He quickly disappeared.