Unexpected Guests


At 2:43 am I was awoken by the sound of whirring wings.  Once you’ve had a bat in the house you never forget that sound.  What really blew my mind is there were two!  That is a first in the 20 years we have lived here.  Usually every year there is one or two bats but two at once?  Well that is a first.

This is why I keep my bedroom door opened just enough to let the cat in and out.  And she can squeeze through a small crack in the doorway.  From now on it will be closed.  I don’t mind bats, just not whizzing above my head and crashing into walls.  They have a tendency to try and hang on in a corner then fall.  Of course right on my head!  So no.  No bats allowed!

Fortunately these two were smart and figured out that the window was open.  I could hear them buzzing between the screen and window glass as they climbed up looking for a way out.  I just closed the window and trapped them inside.

Above is how they look right now.  Earlier I took the screen out of the bottom so they can escape tonight when they are ready.  Like I said, I like bats but bats belong outside.

Perhaps they think I am their leader as this is what my nightshirt says…




Painted Turtle

Painted Turtle WatercolorYesterdays little turtle made a big impact on me.  Turtles have always been important to humans.  Just look at all the art created based on turtles.  There are stories of the turtle, her endurance, her slow and steady pace, her long lived life, the thirteen moons on her back, Turtle Island.

When did we decide she was just something to hit on the road?

What does this say about humanity?  Do we truly think we are more important and superior to her?  Does she not have her own life and destiny?  Are we so rushed for time we cannot stop to help another?  That goes for humans too.

Perhaps that turtle in the road is trying to tell us something.  To slow down.  To savor the moment.  To appreciate small things.  I’m sure it isn’t “run me over.”


One Painted Life


I came across this little girl on my way home today.  She was laying flipped upside down in the center of a highway.  I passed her and knew I had to go back to see if she was alive or not.  It took two turns due to a car or truck but I did get her picked up.  She was alive and well, just scared.

I drove her a short distance to the parking of the ATV trail that goes into the forest.  I have no idea which direction she had been heading.  I doubt it was east or west as that is the direction the road runs.  I hope I guessed correctly.  She was full of water so I am guessing she came from the south side heading north.

After I left her I passed another certainly deceased Painted turtle.  That drives me absolutely mad!  Our highways are not so busy here that one cannot pay attention to what is on the road.  So either people are not paying attention or they are purposely hitting them.  My coworker said she saw tracks going off on another road to purposely run over a turtle laying her eggs.  People are really pathetic.