Today one of my customers played a prank on me.  It was hilarious.  You see, I deliver mail and he rigged his box up that when I opened it a skunk came flying out at me!  It was actually a mitten made of skunk.  He had it attached to the latch with two rubber bands.  It startled me, that is for sure.  He was disappointed that I didn’t scream.  Ha!  I told him I’m not a screamer but it certainly gave my heart a start, LOL.

This is what goofy 50 something Trump supporters do.   Hell, we have to have fun or what is the sense of being here?

A New Blog

When I was young my grandmother or her cohorts or someone called me Chrissy.  Somewhere along the line that stopped.  Years later, when I was working in a larger office a co-worker started calling me “Crispy”.  One day she asked me if I minded and I said no.  I didn’t think on it much except it is the first real nickname I’ve ever been given.  I like it.

When reading about creating a blog, “brand” (doesn’t that sound odd?) came up.  I never thought of my words as being a brand but once I thought about it I realized they are mine.  Not blogger’s, not wordpress’s, mine.  To fit the purpose of the blog I knew I was the type to be all over the place with my subjects.   After researching how to name a blog I thought  if I just name it “A Chrispy Life” it can include everything!  Genius!

For now I am keeping this to myself but we’ll see where it goes.  I have a year to figure it out since that is how much hosting I purchased.  So we shall see.

Welcome aboard!