Abandoned Art

Art Abandonment

Well lookie here!  It is my lucky day!  After YEARS of doing art abandonment myself I finally FOUND a piece!  It was at the library and is a painted tile of a flower with a hanger on back.  Very cool.  I wanted to record it and then I will release it into the wild for someone else to find.  What fun!!!


Painted Turtle

Painted Turtle WatercolorYesterdays little turtle made a big impact on me.  Turtles have always been important to humans.  Just look at all the art created based on turtles.  There are stories of the turtle, her endurance, her slow and steady pace, her long lived life, the thirteen moons on her back, Turtle Island.

When did we decide she was just something to hit on the road?

What does this say about humanity?  Do we truly think we are more important and superior to her?  Does she not have her own life and destiny?  Are we so rushed for time we cannot stop to help another?  That goes for humans too.

Perhaps that turtle in the road is trying to tell us something.  To slow down.  To savor the moment.  To appreciate small things.  I’m sure it isn’t “run me over.”