Almost five years ago I turned fifty.  For me this was my first real milestone birthday…you know, the one people kinda’ freak out over?  I anticipated a little bit of a celebration of some sort which was my first mistake.

When my good friend turned fifty she had a big party and was so proud to become a Red Hat Lady.  Is that still a thing?  I’m thinking not.  We made a big deal out of it and it was fun!

When my husband turned fifty we went to a Green Bay Packer game!  Talk about a way to celebrate, especially us lifetime Wisconsinites.  It was a big deal!

When it came my turn there was nothing.  I mean n-o-t-h-i-n-g.  No red hat.  No party.  Not even going out to eat.  Nothing.  I didn’t even get a birthday card from my mother or a Happy Birthday from my husband.  And no, he didn’t forget.  He always remembers, he just chooses to ignore it.  My one friend who would have understood my disappointment is dead.  Wow, what a let down and an eye opener.

I realized in the scheme of things I wasn’t as important as I thought I was.  I realized if I wanted a party I’d better throw it myself.  I decided then and there to start living for me and not relying on anyone else to step up to make me feel special.  From now on I’m doing as I want and if someone does something for me it will be a true surprise.

Even this old dog can learn new tricks:).

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  1. I agree expectation can lead to disappointment. Sometimes it’s justified as in this story of your forgotten birthday. I learned a while ago to stop expecting and appreciate the unexpected. Happy, very belated birthday 😉

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